Mississauga, Ontario

Mississauga, Ontario  Converted an existing ambient warehouse to a first class dedicated temperature controlled facility.

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal, Quebec  Acquired a large income producing development site in downtown Montreal. Site can accommodate two million square feet of residential and commercial development.

Daventry, UK

Daventry, United Kingdom  Acquired and re-developed on behalf of a multi-national client a complex logistics facility in Daventry, UK

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Harrisburg, PA

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Industrial building  Negotiated on behalf of a multi-national client, the lease and retrofit of a 420,000 square foot temperature controlled warehouse..

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal, Quebec Hotel  Acquired an underperforming hotel property in Old Montreal. Repositioned the asset and sold.

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal, Quebec Land  Acquired an extremely prominent residential development site. Sold subdivided land for re-development

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Montreal, Quebec

Montreal, Quebec Office building  Acquired a half vacant downtown Montreal office building, re-marketed and re-developed the site.

Brampton, On

Brampton Ontario 398,000 sq. ft.  Acquired a former manufacturing facility, converted it to a rail served distribution center. Purchased and re-sold the property.

Calgary, AB

Calgary SE, Alberta 350,000 sq. ft.  Design build, multi user building, long term lease.

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New Westminster, BC

New Westminster, BC 193,000 ft2  Site redeveloped, new long term lease to displaced consumer products company, significant improvement in yield & building fundamentals

Concord, ON

Concord, Ontario  631,292 ft2  Building height at 35 ft., designed to be divisible to 3 units, large truck lot; the fundamentals of the building were sound. Rack over rail. Building was sold at the highest price per ft. in Canada

Brampton, ON

Brampton, Ontario  186,775 ft2   Lease provided opportunities for recapture of lost equity on subsequent resale. Property was assembled with adjacent lands and re-developed.

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St-Laurent, Quebec

St-Laurent, Quebec 537,000 ft2   Negotiated a 2 building swap with a tire co. Slower moving product was ideal for this building. In exchange for the equity in the lease rate received 2 buildings. Sold the acquired buildings.