Our Team

Chiko Nanji


 Chiko Nanji is the founder of the Metro Supply Chain Group and is widely respected by employees and customers alike. Chiko is responsible for growing the company from a single site operation to becoming the largest privately owned Canadian third party logistics company. Chiko has kept the company true to its small business roots with a flat organization structure capable of making strategic decisions quickly and effectively. Chiko acts as Chairman of the LDC group of companies.

Jordan Slatt


Jordan is a Chartered Accountant, is a graduate of McGill University and the University of Western Ontario. He has over twenty five years of experience as a senior executive of logistics and real estate companies. As President of LDC he is in charge of providing real estate services to the Metro Supply Chain Group with respect to the acquisition, development and re-development of industrial property. In addition to traditional real estate development, LDC also uses financing strategies, energy saving systems, and warehouse retrofits to achieve its goals. Jordan has general responsibility for the operations and development for all of LDC’s activities.

Asimo Vlassis


Asimo is a valued and long standing member of the LDC team. She is responsible for contract administration, reporting and general administration.